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Foster Care to Farm Hand

Kathy Canavan, Delaware Business Times; September 23, 2014


"How to succeed in business with no car, no diploma, no cash, and no experience"





Bright hopes grow in Wilmington

Beth Miller, The News Journal; April 22, 2014


Bright Spot Ventures helps foster care veterans build relationships while growing produce

Former foster children learn the art of gardening

Delaware Online; April 22, 2014

Children who have aged out of the foster care system are learning the art of gardening through a program at Bright Spot Ventures. Bright Spot teaches youth how to grow, harvest and sell produce at local farmers markets.

Mobile farmers market grows in Wilmington

Beth Miller, The News Journal; August 23, 2014


They grow it, they harvest it, and now the young urban farmers of Bright Spot farm are hauling their fresh produce throughout Wilmington.

Bright Spot Farms is a program of the West End Neighborhood House